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UVC light doesn't reach earth, it's filtered out in the ozone layer. It's deadly to surface-dwelling, light-exposed bacteria and viruses destroying them in seconds with the right exposure time and distance from the pathogens. 
It works by penetrating through the micro-organism's cell membranes and disrupting their DNA so they can no longer function so die out. Any surface in the direct path of the UV-C rays gets very effectively disinfected. This process also prevents the growth and spread of bacteria and viruses on surfaces. The UVC light can also be used to destroy bed bugs, dust mites, and different allergens that may affect humans.  

TERIWAND's emit UV-C light and are extremely easy and convenient to use. Get that efficient extra protection against bacteria and viruses wherever you are and wherever you go.

STERIWAND's are a great tool for an extra layer of defence against pathogens using CHEMICAL FREE sterilisation. You can use in busy work places such as health care providers,  vets, care homes, offices etc. to help sterilise regular touchpoint items and areas plus supplementing traditional methods of cleaning such as washing and wiping.  

STERIWAND's  are very useful for people who suffer from asthma and allergies. People allergic to dust mites can see the benefits of using Steriwands UVC Sterilizing Wands as they eliminate dust mites and allergens.


Wand STERIWAND slowly over soft furniture, mattresses and pet bedding etc and let the UVC light to neutralise bacteria, viruses dust mites AND bed bugs. You will also reduce odours caused by bad bacteria, particularly where your pets have been.

STERIWAND's UVC Sterilizing Wands

are an easy, quick and effective way to stay safe in a fast-moving world and provide peace of mind without buckets, mops, water or detergents. Just one lightweight battery-operated wand for quick and easy contactless re-sterilisation. 

Pocket Size Sanitizing Wand, CE Marked & ROHS Approved



For personal use to spot sterilise on the go. Compact and portable for use on smaller items wherever you are. ATM & credit card keypads, face masks, cutlery, baby dummies etc 

Handheld UVC Light Sanitizing Wand  ROHS Approved,CE Marked



For repeated re-sterilisation on premises. Health care facilities, shops, care homes, offices, hotels, homes, vehicles, PPE etc.


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