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UV Light Disinfection

UVC LED Manufacturer's product UPDATE 


It's been well known for many years that certain wavelengths of ultraviolet light (UV-C specifically, short-wave; 200 - 280nm) will eliminate pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. UV Light Disinfection provides rapid and effective inactivation of microorganisms through a physical process. The mode of action is to destroy their nucleic acids and disrupt their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions so they can't reproduce or infect so eliminating them.  It's important to note that our products emit UV-C light which doesn't reach earth from the sun as filtered out in the ozone layer, unlike UVA and UVB. Pathogens have been exposed to UVA (long-wave, 315 - 400nm) and UVB (medium-wave, 280 - 315nm) for millions of years here on earth so they have some tolerance to these wavelengths of light.   

One example of long term use of UV Light Disinfection is the water industry. UV-C lamps have been used very effectively to disinfect drinking water for decades. However, applications for UV-C disinfection were restricted by the technology as the old UV-C lamps contained poisonous mercury which would be released if they were broken. They also used lots of power and were very expensive.

The big breakthrough for the spread of the technology came relatively recently with the significant increase in power outputs of UV-C LEDs. Now a variety of different products such as STERIWAND's have been developed to expand the use of UV Light Disinfectant properties to everyday healthcare use!

UVC Light Disinfection

Sunlight exposed area with only UVA and UVB still keeps this fence algae free

Shaded areas are covered in algae 

Damage DNA of Viruses & Bacteria with UVC Light


UVC light from the sun is a shorter and more energetic wavelength of light than UVA or UVB. Unlike UVA and UVB, UVC wavelengths never reach the earth as it's filtered out by ozone in the atmosphere. UVC is completely alien to earth dwelling bacteria and viruses so they have no tolerance to it. Consequently, UVC light is very effective at destroying pathogens. Shining it on surfaces for seconds can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses exposed to UVC by destroying their nucleic acids and breaking up their DNA. Unlike chemical approaches, UV Light Disinfection demonstrates efficacy against pathogenic organisms.

UVC Light Effectiveness

In terms of how safe UVC light is to use Dr Kevin Kahn of Klaran University, USA wrote an article called "Is UVC safe?"

Here's a quote from it:   

'the absorption length of UVC radiation in human skin is extremely short so that almost no UVC radiation can reach the living cells in the skin; all the absorption occurs in the dead cell layers.'

If you wish to read the entire article, please click here.


As with any equipment though ALWAYS read the instructions PRIOR TO USE UV Light Disinfection Products and comply with any recommended safety precautions or procedures.

Please note that our UV Light Disinfection Products are CE Marked and ROHS approved.

Ultaviolet Disinfection
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